Naughty Tweet Launches 'Dick Burns’ 3rd Degree'

LAS VEGAS — The Naughty Tweet Network has announced the launch of “Dick Burns’ 3rd Degree”.

The offering is described as a fun interactive “quiz” site for consumers and fans to test their knowledge of adult entertainment, sex, relationships, toys and porn stars. It relies heavily on social media integration and its sister sites; specifically PornStarTweet, and the rest of the Naughty Tweet Network of sites.

Five quizzes debut including: 'Sex Toy or Dog Toy," 'What Do You Really Know About Sex,"  "Name that Butt," and "Porn Star Tattoos," and "How Dirty Is Your Mind."

A new series of quizzes called "Dick Deep Inside" will be revealing to test-takers knowledge of their favorite porn stars and adult celebrities.

“Social Media is all about engaging and entertaining and audience," manager Andrew Housley said. “We created Dick Burns’ 3rd Degree to be an entertaining, interactive website that draws users into having fun while we also present them with some sponsored advertising. This has proven to be very successful in the mainstream because it goes beyond traditional banner advertising —  this is truly interactive in generic quizzes; but the platform was designed to be robust to create custom quiz campaigns for website, production companies, toy manufacturers and more to increase brand awareness and direct sales.”

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