MetArt Fingers 4 More Adult Tube Sites for Infringement

Rhett Pardon

MIAMI — The MetArt Network today filed another infringement suit against a string of adult tube sites that were said to have illegally streamed scores of its movies and turned a blind eye over DMCA takedown notices.

The adult tube sites at center of MetArt’s latest copyright and trademark complaint include,, and — all operated by Miami-based Sun Social Media Inc.

Defendants include Sun Social Media Inc.; its director, Constantine Luchian; and its operating director, Konstantin Bolotin, as well as 20 unnamed John Does.

Luchian is a familiar name in online adult entertainment industry circles. For years he has acted as DMCA agent for numerous websites, including, and, and scores of file-sharing sites like and

He’s also the DMCA agent for Webzilla Inc., a company utilized by Sun Social Media to provide web services to the four adult tube sites at heart of MetArt’s lawsuit filed today at federal court in Miami.

MetArt, a Cyprus-based network of erotic sites that offer nude and explicit sex through fine-art videography, sued Sun Social Media over a total of 44 separate movies that streamed on the four tube sites.

Sun Social Media’s suit said that it found 70 separate links pointed to its content on the sites.

MetArt noted that Sun Social Media and its principals not only did not honor DMCA notices but also failed to implement a reasonable repeat infringer policy for the four sites, which included a “MetArt Channel” on each that served as an all-in-one place to
permit users to browse and choose specific videos.

In the suit, MetArt has filed eight causes of action, including copyright and trademark infringement, and seeks an injunction, transfer of the website’s domain name and up to $150,000 per instance of copyright infringement, among other requests for relief.

Earlier this year, MetArt said that it would create a new campaign to target operators of websites that are “blatantly stealing content.”

So far, the company has kept its word.

In addition to today’s lawsuit against Sun Social Media, MetArt this year has sued the operators of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

The lawsuits have been filed at federal courts in Miami, Phoenix, Seattle and Los Angeles.  

MetArt’s membership websites include MetArt. com,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

A MetArt spokesman declined comment to XBIZ on the case; operators of Sun Social Media were not reachable at post time for comment.

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