N.Y. Politician Finds His Website Taken Over by Japanese Sex Site

Rhett Pardon

NEW YORK — A Bronx councilman has lost his signature website that beat his political drum after letting his domain name expire.

Now, Councilman Andy King’s site — AndyKingNYC.com — points to a Japanese sex site.

According to The Post, which first reported the story, King was oblivious to what was going on, and linked to the newly gleaned sex site from his Twitter account (@AndyKingNYC), until the media outlet pointed out the situation.

“This was the first time we were seeing this,” King aide Stephannia Cleaton told The Post. “Of course, he is not promoting this site at all. It expired. Somebody else then picked up the domain name.”

Archived records show that King, up until March 23, operated AndyKingNYC.com since 2011. The site currently is registered to a masked identity at an Osaka, Japan, registry.

King, according to The Post, has other problems that have recently popped up. A former City Council staff aide has filed notice that she is going to sue the city for $1.25 million, claiming she was fired by King after rebuffing his advances.