New Ann Summers Survey Reveals Sexual Health Trends

Rhett Pardon

LONDON — Ann Summers, the British retailer that specializes in sex toys and erotic lingerie, just released a survey spelling out sexual health trends among 1,000 adult respondents across the U.K.

The survey revealed that one in four people favor “doggy style” while doing it in the bedroom, while 23 percent enjoy the woman on top. The missionary position only came in third, with 21 percent of people favoring it.

Sixty-six percent enjoy using at least two to three sex positions in each session.

Over one-third of participants said they still find time to have sex two to four times a week, with 24 percent noting they also used sex toys to get things going.

The Ann Summers study also said that the “Fifty Shades of Grey” frenzy has helped broaden the horizons when it comes to playing with crops, floggers or paddles, with 5 percent revealing they have purchased those items.

“It’s fantastic to see that adults across the U.K. are becoming more adventurous and having fun with their sex lives,” an Ann Summers spokesman told The Mirror. “We’re also pleased to see that most adults are having sex regularly with their partners and are not just keeping the fun to the bedroom.”

"Our aim is to build people’s confidence and to not be afraid of experimenting with new toys or lubricants to really maximize their pleasure and to bring them even closer to their partner.”

Ann Summers is one of Britain's oldest and largest retailers of sex toys and erotic lingerie.