Evolved Novelties Introduces Ntimate OTC Line

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Evolved Novelties has introduced a new line, Ntimate OTC, and this month saw the debut of the Rejuvenate Vaginal Revitalizer.

“All our products are developed and manufactured with health and wellness in mind,” said Lucy Vonne D’Olimpio, sales executive and resident "toy whisperer" at Evolved Novelties. “So this new brand just makes sense in terms of our evolution to keep striving for more pleasure for our customers.”

Ntimate OTC rolled out Rejuvenate Firming Elixir this month, which is a tightening spray.

The Ntimate OTC spray for women helps to restore vaginal health after childbirth or hormonal changes. It is directed to be used consecutively for two days and then twice a week after that, and the hygienic bottle is easy and safe for application. Since it’s an internal spray, it’s also recommended for increased sensation during G-spot play, something Evolved Novelties knows a lot about with their many G-spot targeted toys. Rejuvenate is available in two sizes, 10 and 30 ml.

“Women are looking for well-conceived, body safe products in this space,” D’Olimpio added. “And we think Rejuvenate is the best tightening spray out there.”

Ntimate OTC also features a male product called Enlarge, a “maximum male enhancement” cream that produces long term results and helps with erectile dysfunction.

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