TitanMen.com Wins Grabby, Releases New 'Extreme' Scene

SAN FRANCISCO — TitanMen.com has announced it has won the 2015 Grabby Award for Best Fetish Film for their hardcore fetish flick "Foul Play," and are additionally releasing a never-seen-before scene that they deemed "too extreme for DVD" exclusively on their TitanMen.com membership site.

Originally released in 2014, "Foul Play" features real-life couple Dirk Caber and the 2015 Grabby Award-winning "Best Manly Man" Jesse Jackman in one of TitanMen’s most extreme fetish films to date. The final scene featuring fisting Daddy Thor Larsson and Lance Navarro was so extreme it was cut from the final DVD. In honor of the Grabby Award win, TitanMen is releasing this final scene as a TitanMen.com web only exclusive video.

According to TitanMen’s Keith Webb, this "unreleased" scene was so extreme that they could not release it on DVD and saved it for "web only" use.

"This final unreleased scene was so filthy and extreme that we could not release it on DVD," he said. “Any fisting fan that has seen Thor Larsson in action knows exactly what we are talking about! Some of the hottest, nastiest, greasiest and loudest fisting I’ve even seen…and I’ve seen a lot of fisting in my 20-plus years in this industry! Thor and Lance’s side-by-side fisting 69 is not to be missed, and not for the faint of heart!"

Webmasters can find promotional tools for the newly released "Foul Play" scene, as well as existing scenes from the film, via their TitanMenCash.com affiliate program.