Happy Place Products Launches GO-GO Glider Sex Toy for Couples

Julie Conner

SEATTLE — Happy Place Products has announced the debut of its new pleasure product for couples, the GO-GO Glider.

According to the company, the GO-GO Glider is the only adult pleasure product that features a “gliding” double thrust design, which means that there are two stimulators that enter vaginally at the same time — the tip for deep penetration, followed by the smooth, slightly wider G-spot stimulator.

The tip on the GO-GO Glider utilizes a lollipop shape with a hard anatomically correct shaped tip, allowing the user’s kegel muscles to be better engaged, helping to produce a more intense orgasm.

The G-spot stimulator is made of smooth silicone.

“After the tip has been gently inserted, the G-spot stimulator glides along the pole to reach the vaginal opening and is inserted to target the G-spot,” explains company spokesperson Julie Conner, noting that “The stimulator can easily move side to side to aid in locating the G-spot.”

“This revolutionary toy is a must have for a new and unique experience in couple’s play,” Conner adds. “By being able to simultaneously stimulate the three main erogenous zones of a female, the vagina, G-spot, and clitoris (with use of your personal vibrator), you can create a perfect trifecta of pleasurable sensations.”

For more information, visit HappyPlaceProducts.com.