Philippines Lawmaker Wants to Ban Pornographic Anime

Michael Hayes
MANILA, Philippines — A local lawmaker has raised alarms concerning pornographic anime content, saying that online and DVD hentai titles pose a risk to the nation’s youth.

Leading the charge against pornographic anime, Congressman Robert Jaworski of Pasig City said concerned parents and lawmakers needed to work together to keep the content away from the nation’s children.

“There are more than two dozen hentai websites that could be easily accessed by grade schoolers,” Jaworski said. “Video pirates readily offer these pornographic cartoons to teenagers. Hentai is an emerging threat to the moral fibers of our nation because it attacks the innocence of our youth.”

Hentai is a Japanese word that is commonly used in reference to “sexually explicit” or “perverted” cartoon images, according to its entry.

“This cartoon production exploits the young, formative minds and its popularity dangerously influences how the minors delineate what is morally right or wrong,” Jaworski said. “Because these are rendered in cartoons or anime form, its creators can depict eroticism beyond their wildest and most depraved imagination. These are what they feed the minds of our youth.”

Jaworski, a member of the Congressional Oversight Committee on E-Commerce, has not said if he plans to introduce legislation to curb the spread of anime porn at this time.