Nacho Vidal Stars on 'Survivor Spain,' Debuts Cologne

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Nacho Vidal is not only starring on “Survivor Spain” and living on an island in Honduras, he also just debuted his second signature cologne.

The veteran Spanish performer and director for Evil Angel now is five weeks into the 10-week competition for “Supervivientes 2015: Perdidos en Honduras,” which is the 10th season of “Survivor Spain.” 

He’s been living off the land on Cayos Cochinos, a group of two small islands on the northern shores of Honduras, where he has learned to make fire by rubbing sticks together and last week caught a baby shark.

Alexandra Kelley, the senior vice president of sales and marketing for Evil Angel, has been following Vidal’s progress on the show through regular correspondence with his Aunt Olga, who manages Vidal’s various businesses.

“One of the things I know is he did prepare himself," Kelley told XBIZ Friday. "He bulked himself up because he knew this was going to be pretty hard on his body and mind. It’s like the same ‘Survivor’ in the U.S, there are a lot of mind games.”

But Kelley said Vidal got in it to win it.

“He’s still there battling to stay in. Last week he was given a test where he was standing up in front of this flame to see how long he was able to stand for. Unfortunately someone else stood for a longer time,” Kelley continued. “He learned how to make fire from a couple sticks and he’s done that a couple of times. … It is tough on him but he’s a fighter and wants to stay on until the end.”

Not coincidentally, Vidal set up camp on the same island Rocco Siffredi found himself from January to March, when he appeared on the 10th season of Italy’s version of “Celebrity Survivor,” a reality show called “L’Isola dei Famosi,” or “The Island of Famous People.” Siffredi had an epiphany on that show that led to him announcing his retirement from performing. 

“After I was on this show, they decide to call Nacho for the Spanish version — same exact version, incredible,” Siffredi told XBIZ April 7. “He just left today. Let’s see how he’s doing.”

Vidal may be searching for food on an island with no Wi-Fi, but otherwise business is good.

His new cologne “G,” which contains pheromones, retails for about 28 U.S. dollars and is available at select retailers in Spain through its manufacturer Canale Corp, S.L.U.

G cologne is one of several products being endorsed by the veteran superstar for his NV by Nacho Vidal brand from Canale. It’s also his second signature cologne, following the 2013 release of Twenty Five, which comes in a bottle shaped like Vidal’s famous appendage.

G is “a woody fragrance opening on a citrus top note, followed by a fruity, spicy heart, ending up on cedarwood and musk in the background,” according to Olga Jordá Brasé, the Canale Corp director who is also Vidal’s aunt.

“The fragrance is based on the likes of Nacho, of course. Through it and other products, we want to show some personality. Everyone knows Nacho Vidal as an actor, but few know him as a person.”

Brasé told XBIZ Canale teamed with Vidal because he is "a world leader in adult film.”

“The idea came from a group of people who knew him and he proposed this collaboration and is going to develop branded products,” Brasé said.

The NV by Nacho Vidal line also includes massage oils, soaps, all-natural lubricants, condoms and a dildo.

“Little by little we will be adding new products to our inventory,” Brasé continued. “Nacho is a big star and he is known worldwide. We have seen with him many possibilities.” 

Vidal's NV products are only available in Spain at the moment, but overseas distribution is in the future. “Gradually we go expanding to the international market,” she said.     

On the porn production front, Evil Angel this week released “Nacho’s Teen Addiction” with plans to unveil “Nacho’s Monster Tits” on June 22. That title will be the 115th in the Nacho Vidal Productions library since he debuted as an Evil Angel director in 2001 with “Latin Psycho.”

Vidal, who releases six movies per year through Evil Angel, is one of the most seasoned producer/directors in Evil Angel’s stable. Aside from company founder John Stagliano, Joey Silvera, Rocco Siffredi and Christoph Clark are the only active directors that pre-date him.

Adam Grayson, the chief operating officer of Evil Angel, told XBIZ Vidal’s movies do especially well in the broadcast markets.

“Worldwide they are among our best performers on TV,” Grayson said Friday. “In the past year or two he’s rediscovered his niche, if you will. He shoots a lot of amateur stuff. He does shoot a lot of these girls from Spain that you never see again. They’re not a name you’re going to see in other Evil Angel movies.

“He sort of reinvented himself from a traditional gonzo shooter to a much more amateur, rogue type, which I think has connected with audiences because it brings forth his skillset and personality.”

Vidal's wild and raw movies are only one aspect of his colorful life. The 21-year porn vet also co-owns a restaurant in Sitges, Spain, a small beach town near Barcelona, and a horse ranch in Valencia.

Evil Angel’s Kelley said she dined at Vidal's eatery.

“The food was very good,” Kelley recalled, noting she had a Paella dish.

And she said Vidal's loves his horses.

“He likes riding horses into town on the streets of Valencia," she added. "He likes to be seen…Everybody knows who Nacho Vidal is in Spain, even if you don’t follow his adult career.”

Vidal’s line of NV products has received a surge of publicity in Spain as a result of his reality TV turn, according to Kelley.

“One of the things that I actually admire about him is he goes after anything,” Kelley said. “He doesn’t just stay in front of the adult camera. He likes to expand on his businesses. He’ll do pretty much anything he thinks is going to be a good product. If it’s a good product, he’ll go for it.”