'Gnarly Rider' Pool Sex Toy Debuts

LAS VEGAS —  Gnarly has announced the pre-sale of an aquatic adult, pool sex toy, the "Gnarly Rider," a silicone saddle that retrofits to an elongated noodle-type flotation device.

The company said the product takes advantage of the unique benefits of floating combined with sexual stimulation. 

“I started Gnarly, with a mission to invent a unique line of sexually stimulating adult pool tools after discovering the benefits of the floating orgasm,“ CEO Ronda Sue said.

The product's saddle houses a universal waterproof vibrator or bullet, provides discreet and quiet fun in the water, offering smooth, soothing vibrations.

Sue has turned to a crowdfunding campaign to bring her product to market in conjunction with direct sales on GnarlyRide.com. 

“I have created Gnarly to be able to share this as well as other pleasurable experiences with kindred souls, who demand nothing but the extraordinary.  If you are looking for a 'toy,' a Gnarly Rider isn’t for you. Big girls play with 'tools.' It is all about having the right tools for the ultimate journey.  With Gnarly Ride, I am opening my personal toolbox to you.”

For more information, call Sue at (775) 546-3251, or email ronda@gnarlyride.com.