LATATA Announces Reorganization

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — The Licensed Adult Talent Agency Trade Association (LATATA) on Wednesday announced a major reorganization.

The current members are 101 Modeling, Adult Talent Managers (ATMLA), Foxxx Modeling, Ideal Image Models, Matrix Models, Motley Models, OC Modeling, and Spiegler Girls.

New leadership appointments have also been made. Mark Spiegler of Spiegler Girls is the President, Mark Schecter of ATMLA is the Treasurer and Sandra McCarthy of OC Modeling is the Secretary.

“It’s really comforting to see and be part of an association that is comprised of similar and like minds that truly care about the industry and the performers that are the essential component of the adult industry,” said Mark Schechter, owner of ATMLA. “I look forward to its continued growth and contribution to the prosperity of the adult entertainment industry."

“I will take my role as President seriously, and we (LATATA) will do our best to encourage the various unlicensed agencies out there to become licensed,” said Mark Spiegler, owner of Spiegler Girls. “We have a great group of agencies involved and we look forward to other licensed and bonded agencies joining us.”

Ideal Image Models recently joined LATATA.

“As the face and mission statement of LATATA have changed, we have become more in alignment with the beliefs of Ideal Image Models, we look forward to making new partnerships and having a better line of communication with other agencies,” said TJ, owner of Ideal Image Models. “I'm happy and looking forward to the new partnerships.”

“As one of the owners of OC Modeling and on behalf of LATATA, I'm pleased to announce Ideal Image Models has joined our team,” said Sandra McCarthy, co-owner of OC Modeling. “There have been a lot of positive changes made in the last few months and we’re growing fast. We want to remind everyone that we are here for the good of the industry, to make an impact and help our industry to evolve. The talent is most important to the growth of us all.”

LATATA also launched a new website that explains their mission, the role of an agent, and why talent should only work with licensed agencies.