SegPay Offers Merchants a New Point of Sale System

Stephen Yagielowicz

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. — SegPay, a global leader in online payment processing, has announced the launch of its new Point of Sale (POS) system.

Since 2005, SegPay has offered online merchants a state-of-the-art billing platform that provides real time payment processing around the globe, and helps protect online merchants with its proprietary Fraud Mitigation System, while providing unmatched customer service and support.

According to the company, its new enhancements contain several key features, including improved payment pages, enhanced postbacks and conversion rate optimization tools for online merchants.

“Having fully optimized payment pages are key to acquiring and converting consumers through the entire transaction process,” SegPay CEO Cathy Beardsley stated. “That’s why SegPay is now offering fully responsive and customizable payment pages, [so] no matter what device a consumer is using during the transaction process, SegPay’s enhanced pages can handle all types of traffic.”

The new responsive payment pages are database driven for easy customization, and being responsive, they enable merchants to target the wide variety of devices used by consumers.  Additionally, the new pages were developed to assist merchants in handling declines and errors. The payment pages, receipts and approval/decline pages were also professionally translated into all major languages to provide a more localized customer experience.

“We wanted the new POS system to really improve a merchant’s experience especially when dealing with decline and error handling,” SegPay’s Director of Customer Experience Jeff Rosenzweig explains.  “This month we are encouraging all of our clients to take advantage of the improvements now ahead of the migration. We’re excited that our new POS will become the foundation for future system enhancement.”

The new system is available to webmasters immediately upon request, and starting on June 5, all SegPay clients will be seamlessly migrated to the new POS system, allowing them to experience these enhanced system upgrades, which help to eliminate issues encountered at checkout by encouraging consumers to correct bad data, or to try another credit card, improving conversion rates.

Beta clients have been using the new system since testing began in April, taking full advantage of new multivariate testing of the payment pages.

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