Oculus VR Founder: Adult Entertainment Won’t Be Blocked

Rhett Pardon

SAN JOSE, Calif. — It’s official, Facebook-owned Oculus VR won’t block adult entertainment content.

Its founder, Palmer Luckey, made the announcement today while answering a question from a panel attendee (later identified as adult star Ela Darling) towards the end of a session at the first Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference in San Jose Monday.

“Whether you feel comfortable acknowledging it or not, VR porn is being made and it is definitely awesome. Do you think the industry will continue to passively allow it or do you expect VR leaders will actively block adult content from VR systems?” the panel attendee asked Luckey.

The Oculus VR founder responded: “The rift is an open platform, we don’t control what software can run on it. And that’s a big deal.”

Luckey then received applause from the room.

Oculus VR will begin accepting pre-orders later this year and ship units in the first quarter of 2016.

Luckey’s statement about adult content and the platform is just another dose of good news for those eager to partake in a new and virtual sexual experience.

Brian Shuster, CEO and founder of Red Light Center and Utherverse, disclosed earlier this year that his company invested $40 million making Red Light Center 2.0, a 3D-animated online sex club, now compatible with Oculus Rift, the goggles at the forefront of the movement for virtual reality.

To view Luckey’s statement on adult entertainment and Oculus Rift click here. Go to the 2:14 mark.