Mainstream Brand JZL Unveils Chloe Amour Shoot

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Mainstream brand JZL is unveiling a shoot featuring Chloe Amour titled "Porn Star Eats Popsicles" on May 19 on

The company said its brand embodies today’s culture in full color while exploring offerings in music, art, travel and beautiful women.

“Working with Chloe was amazing; she’s so enjoyable to direct and always down for more creative ideas. Her sweet, bubbly personality always shines through the camera,” creative director James J. Thompson said.

Plans are to also release a special set of photos along with a video clip of Amour enjoying popsicles.

“JZL is first class all the way,” Amour said. “James's style of directing is perfect for this type of project, Greg [the photographer] has taken some of the best shots of my career, can’t wait to work with them again.”

As part of its marketing campaign, JZL said it intends to reach out to international audiences on a multitude of platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to showcase the shoot.