Net 1 on 1 Expands ToyJoy Line

Bob Johnson

ST. ALBANS, England — Net 1on1 Wholesale announced today that it has expanded its ToyJoy lines.

Among the new arrivals is a selection of wands, vibrators, c-rings, ticklers and bullets, taken from a cross-section of ToyJoy’s varied collections. Most notably the ‘Designer’ and ‘Just For You’ ranges, offering capsule ranges ideal for bricks and mortar stores, while a selection of SKUs from already popular categories will offer more varied choices for Net 1on1’s customers.

“The ToyJoy ‘Designer’ range offers something for everyone and it’s ideal for boutiques and high-end customers alike, who are looking to expand their silicone product offering, plus the sleek, black packaging and high quality materials won’t disappoint,” said Danielle Warn, head buyer at Net1on1.

She added, Additionally, we will be adding to our already popular ‘Glass Worxx’ and ‘Just For You’ ranges as previous products have performed well for both us and our customers. The ‘Just for You’ pieces are nicely designed, and make great gifts for any occasion, especially during those high-traffic times, such as Christmas and Valentines. However, my personal, favorite item within the range, ‘The Diamond Gift Set,’ offers the most value for money. The pack consists of 3 products which if sold separately, would have a combined retail value of £70.99.”

All three new ToyJoy lines will be available to order in June. For more information, call the sales team at 01 727 744369.