TrafficHaus Takes Gold Sponsorship at Eurowebtainment 2015

SAN DIEGO — TrafficHaus has signed on as Gold sponsor at the upcoming Eurowebtainment show in Majorca, Spain.

“The sponsorship also will allow attendees to see firsthand how TrafficHaus is bringing its clients into the modern age with mobile optimization, Ad Block work-arounds, DigiRegs copyright protection, video analytics, and more — all part of its suite of business solutions catered to the international adult market,” the company said.

“With hot topics including Google’s new mobile guidelines and the continued expansion of DigiRegs digital copyright protection on the tips of their tongues, the TrafficHaus team will be on hand to show attendees how easy it can be for adult sites to stay on top of their game by being the first to know about new and profitable revenue streams.”

Company execs said that following its recent exclusive with adult giant, TrafficHaus is equipped with proven results that show how clients can improve their mobile presence and expand their reach into this flourishing platform.

“Eurowebtainment gives us a beautiful avenue to meet the European-based companies seeking the kinds of business services that only TrafficHaus can provide, so it was a no-brainer to sign on for one of the top sponsorships,” TrafficHaus Sales Director Jake Gonzales said.

“TrafficHaus is building a bridge between the E.U. and other parts of the world as a global traffic and media services company, and this show caters to the unique needs and desires of our international clients as we work together to build revenue and relationships.”

TrafficHaus will host speed networking May 21 at 1 p.m. followed by in-person meet-and-greets at the Meet Market event. Eurowebtainment takes place May 20-23.

To meet with a TrafficHaus team member at Eurowebtainment, email