New BlissMe Line Offers Vibrators by Personality

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — BlissMe founder Daniel Mederos says his new sex toy business concept is a bit different from others because the company doesn't just market a product, it provides a service as well. 

“At BlissMe Vibrators we wanted to encompass the idea of infidelity being an option through our vibrators,” Mederos said. “So what we have created is a service where consumers buy our products and we provide them with an e-mail from our list of vibrators since each of our five vibrators have personalities.”

Those personalities include Mr. Right, Mr. CEO, Mr. Badboy, Mr. U.K. and Mr. Cowboy.

“What our customers do post-purchase is register their product through our GetBlissed chip included in each package in order to receive their Mr. Mail, warranty, and a 20 percent discount on their next order.”

For more information, go to the company’s website or email Mederos here.