BoodiGo Taking Name Reservations for New BoodiBlog Platform

John Sanford
BOSTON — With the launch of its new blogging platform nearing, adult search engine is calling for adult performers, bloggers and webmasters to start reserving subdomains now.
“BoodiBlog will offer adult bloggers a stable, adult-dedicated platform on which they can write about and promote whatever they wish, so long as it’s legal,” said said BoodiGo co-founder Colin Rowntree. “Unlike a lot of the other free platforms out there, adult webmasters, performers and others using BoodiBlog won’t have to worry about sudden major changes in content or advertising policies.”

By the same token, Rowntree noted, bloggers also won’t have to worry about is their BoodiBlogs suddenly slipping in the search results on BoodiGo, because unlike mainstream search engines, the broader BoodiGo brand is inextricably linked to the adult industry.
“We launched BoodiGo in large part out of frustration with the policy drift and business relationship ambivalence we saw from mainstream search, advertising and blogging platforms,” Rowntree said. “We’re an adult platform, not just an ‘adult-friendly’ platform; there’s a huge difference between the two.”
In addition to its ‘adult encouraged’ content policy, BoodiBlog explicitly allowing users to advertise and promote websites and other adult content from their blogs is another major plus for adult bloggers.
“Whether an advertising policy is over-restrictive to begin with, or liable to change overnight, either way it’s a pain to deal with as an adult blogger trying to make a buck,” Rowntree said. “We’re making it clear from the start that adult bloggers using the platform to generate traffic and make money is an intended use of BoodiBlog, not just an accepted one.”
Rowntree said he anticipates the official BoodiBlog launch to take place in early June. In the meantime, to reserve, go to