James Deen to Write Advice Column for TheFrisky.com

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — James Deen is the newest member of TheFrisky.com staff.

Already known as a porn star, actor, director, producer, Deen may now add advice columnist to his resume. Each week, visitors of the popular women’s lifestyle site may submit questions for Deen spanning a variety of topics, and Deen will answer those capturing his interest.

“Six weeks ago, James and I spent, like, seven hours drinking and conversing and at some point during our tete-a-tete, it occurred to me that one interview with James simply wasn’t enough for me or for The Frisky,” wrote TheFrisky.com Editor-in-Chief Amelia McDonnell-Pary in her introduction to Deen’s new column. “We needed more. See, James is a straight shooter, confident in his opinions — he doesn’t like pizza, you guys — but upfront when he doesn’t have all the answers. He doesn’t mince words, is sharp but thoughtful, and, most importantly, is both nonjudgmental and interested in a wide variety of topics, both sexual and non.”

“In the weeks after our interview, I was tempted to text him for advice more than a few times — What do I do about this guy I’m dating? Is this an ingrown hair or something more serious? Which pegging porn should I watch? Why is my fiddle fig tree dropping all its leaves?! — and thus the idea for an advice column was born. Lucky, lucky us, he was game,” explained McDonnell-Pary.

To ask James Deen advice, TheFrisky.com readers may email WhatWouldJamesDo@TheFrisky.com.

The column is titled “What Would James Deen Do,” which coincides with Deen-branded “WWJDD?” shirts available at JamesDeenStore.com. To view the shirt, click here.

To celebrate Deen coming on board as a weekly contributor, TheFrisky.com staff gave the site skin of its sex section to Deen’s membership site, JamesDeen.com. To view, visit TheFrisky.com/sex.

To read Amelia McDonnell-Pary’s own Q&A with Deen, click here.

“TheFrisky.com is a pretty cool site, as far as I know…” said Deen. “I haven’t heard anything bad about them, which in my experience means they are either super rad or super manipulative. However, I don’t see how a website can be manipulative… Actually, I take that back. Fox News and CNN are pretty manipulative. Is The Frisky owned by Fox or CNN? Either way, I have signed up for this. I am committed and totally unqualified, so let’s do this!”

Deen, the two-time XBIZ Crossover Star of the Year and reigning Male Performer of the Year, recently filmed a guest star appearance on an episode of Showtime’s upcoming comedy “Happyish,” where he plays himself. The show’s first season premiered April 26, while Deen’s episode is scheduled to air on June 7.

Deen also starred opposite Lindsay Lohan in 2013’s “The Canyons,” written by Bret Easton Ellis and directed by Paul Schrader. 

Besides his adult and crossover work, Deen is also known for his namesake production house, James Deen Productions.

Photo by Steve Prue.