'Trans6uals' Stars to Appear at Dallas Store Signing

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — TS stars Jamie French, Eva Cassini and Stefani Special will be signing on May 16 from 6-10 p.m. CDT at New Fine Arts: Alternatives in Dallas, Texas to celebrate the DVD release of “Trans6uals” from Grooby Spotlight and Deadgirl Productions.

"We are all excited to have Jamie and Eva take the time to meet our customers and their many fans who support the Grooby product. We will be serving light refreshments and various snacks. It should be a fun and most festive night for all," store managers Mario Taormina and Jon said.

French added, "I had told my salesman, David from TWM, at the Transgender Erotica Awards After Party that I lived in Dallas and did my adult shopping at the store Alternatives. He mentioned doing business with the owner for many years and said maybe we can do an in-store signing upon the 'Trans6uals' release. I am thrilled he made it happen. This is my first in store actual signing and am so excited to be there."

"I am honored Jamie asked me to do the signing with her," Cassini said. "We had an absolute blast on the set during the production of 'Trans6uals.' It was hot. I have no doubt that Saturday night at Alternatives will be an absolute blast and another hot time as well."

"Timing is sure everything," Special said. "It just so happens I am traveling to Dallas and am available to sign with Jamie and Eva. I absolutely cannot wait. It was a wet t-girl six-way in ‘Trans6uals’ and Saturday night at Alternatives will be a wet t-girl three-way. Or who knows how many more."

"There has been much excitement surrounding the release of ‘Trans6uals’ and the sales have been phenomenal," David Peskin, TWM/Grooby sales manager said. "This in-store signing surely keeps the excitement alive. Hopefully more retailers will have an open mind to have transgendered stars for in-store signings in the near future. Alternatives store manager Mario has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and the whole staff at Alternatives have done an amazing job in preparation of this signing. Special thanks too on behalf of all of us here at TWM and Grooby to Eva Cassini and Stefani Special for making themselves available and for taking part in this most special event."

For more information, call Taormina at (214) 630-7071. The shop is located at 1720 W. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Texas, 75235.