Tantus Appears on ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

Ariana Rodriguez

SPARKS, Nev. — Two Tantus toys appeared on Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer” on Tuesday, May 5.

The scene “Debating the Dildo” featured two Tantus Silk Large dildos and, and according to the company, the segment has been trending on social media for its striking commentary on the perception of women and pleasure. The noir styled jury scene parodied “12 Angry Men” with an all male cast that included Jeff Goldblum, Paul Grimaldi, and John Hawkes. The men enter a debate over Schumer and whether her looks are attractive enough to be on television.

“As the scene opens, the Tantus Silk is found in her dressing room and used as ‘pretty good evidence no one will pork her,’ further substantiating the claim that she isn’t attractive by Hollywood standards,” the company says. “One juror, played by Grimaldi, asks, ‘Why even make those things [dildos]. Women don’t need orgasms. That’s science.’

“A second juror contests that ‘Lots of people have them,’ as he whips a second Tantus Silk out of his jacket and sticks it to the table, ‘I have one.’ He explains that the dildo is his wife’s and that counter to his peer’s assumption, ‘she doesn’t use it because she’s alone. Quite the opposite actually. We use it — and we love it’.”

Tantus has appeared on prime time cable TV before as the Tantus Hank dildo was featured on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” in June of 2011. The dildo was used as part of a spinning wheel named the “C*ck-Blocked Roundup,” a commentary on the media circus that surrounded the racy photos Representative Anthony Weiner shared on Twitter.

“Tantus is always thrilled to be a part of social commentary for topics related to gender and sexuality, highlighting the company’s roots in industrial and social change,” the company said.