Beamonstar Debuts Penis Extenders

Ariana Rodriguez

PHOENIX — Beamonstar has introduced a new range of penis extenders that adds length and girth, as well as texture.

Available in clear and flesh tones, Beamonstar XtensionZ can be worn by both gay and heterosexual couples as well as single men.

The extenders are made of TPR and according to the company are easy to apply on an erect penis and can easily be removed from a flaccid penis.

“Beamonstar XtensionZ are an excellent alternative for penis enhancement,” Beamonstar Products President Jeff Bolanos said. “This category is currently experiencing explosive growth, and as a well-known brand in male enhancement, Beamonstar XtensionZ is already boosting the sales of retailers nationwide. We urge you to place your orders today and start generating more profit for your store.”

The Beamonstar XtensionZ line includes the Scromax Penis Extension, the Brohibition 3 Extra Inch Extension, Girth Gainer, Middle Girth 1.75” Extension, the Taj Mahball 2” Butt Plug Extension, the Bishop, and Trigger the Vibrating Hollow Dong.

The Brohibition adds three inches of length, while the ScroMax Penis Extension offers 13.5” of length and boasts a girth 6” diameter.  

The Girth Gainer allows the wearer’s penis to side through the opening to feel the sensation of every penetration.

The Middle Girth extension sheath also has a hollow core that is threaded to help stimulate. It has a total length of 9.5-inches and a circumference of 5.5-inches.

The Taj Mahball penis extension sheath has a total length of 9-inches and a maximum circumference of 7-inches. It includes an anal bead at the end for anal play.

The Bishop has a nine-inch shaft, while the Trigger the Vibrating Hallow Dong has an overall length of just under 12-inches, a maximum circumference of 6-inches, and a tapered knob that measures 6.5” around.