Nomi Tang’s ‘Spotty’ Male Sex Toy is Back in Stock

LOS ANGELES — German lifestyle adult toy brand Nomi Tang’s first male toy, “Spotty,” is now available in stock again, following last year’s release when numerous Spotty were snapped up by eager fans.

The revolving head offers powerful and quiet vibration, waterproof design, seamless silicone finish, recharge ability and competitive pricing, made Spotty a 2015 XBIZ Award nominee for the Male Sex Toy of the Year, and consumers noticed.

“Spotty really surprised me. I’m very happy to see that all Spotty products were sold out very fast when I carried it in January and I’m so excited to see the highly anticipated product is back in stock now,” said Peterson, an adult shop owner from the U.K. “In response to the high demand, I have stocked more Spotty this time and believe that they’ll rock the sales to peak in my shop again!”

For more information, visit Nomi’s YouTube channel or email