Ashley Sinclair Gets Fans Involved With ‘Soccer Mom’

VENICE, Calif. — It seems like Ashley Sinclair naturally has a knack for tapping into men’s deepest sexual fantasies, which explains why her “Soccer Mom” series continues to be such a huge hit.

The sultry brunette also relies heavily on input from her adoring fans, carefully listening to the details of what other people would like to see and routinely incorporating the most suggested scenarios.

Ashley is now offering the opportunity for fans to help her make the next “Soccer Mom” installment, by tweeting @AshleySinclair0 with the hashtag #SOCCERMOM with their one-line fantasy. Ashley will read them all and put into action those she finds most inspiring.

“I get all of my ideas from the fans and I am confident they will have great ideas for sexy scenarios to apply to the next “Soccer Mom” video,” Ashley explains. “I’ll pick my favorite or favorites and combine them to make the next video. The winners will get a free copy emailed to them.”

Ashley is also open to doing custom videos and is doing private Skype sessions at AshleySinclair69.

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