Mystica Jade Showcase DVD Bows

LOS ANGELES —  Starlet Mystica Jade is appearing in "Diary of a Sex Slave" from James Deen Productions.

The showcase movie features Jade opposite  Dana DeArmond, Deen and Tommy Pistol.

"Being chosen for 'Diary of a Sex Slave' is an experience I will never forget," Jade said. "James is an amazing director and performer, and I am so honored to have been able to work with him. I learned a lot about communication from him that day, and it's something I will continue to use throughout my journey as a performer."

Deen added, "Mystica told me she wanted to be my sex slave and it inspired me. The movie was made for her. The idea was to push her limits and have her experience all things she never had but always wanted to try and to create new scenarios of submission for her to enjoy.

"She did a great job and seemed to have a great time and hopefully came out as a more fulfilled human who was able to live out some of her fantasies in a controlled and safer environment."