Maia Toys Signs With Mutant Capitalist

Ariana Rodriguez

VENICE, Calif. — Adult novelties manufacturer Maia Toys has retained the services of marketing agency Mutant Capitalist.

“We’ve spent the last couple of years introducing the industry to our products and philosophies,” Maia Toys Executive Director Mara Epstein said. “Now that we have learned to walk, the time has come for us to start running.

“We brought the Mutant Capitalist team on board to help us create programs and campaigns that will not only benefit the Maia brand but also make it easier for our partners to sell our products.”

In the coming months, Maia Toys and Mutant Capitalist will be reaching out to distributors and retailers to create fun and engaging concepts to help educate customers on the Maia brand and sell more product.

“We are very excited about this relationship with Maia Toys,” said Rob Walker of Mutant Capitalist. “I have been an admirer of the brand since their inception. And considering their product line, price points, and philosophy, I believe that Maia does not have far to go to be a real player in the adult novelty sector.”

Maia Toys says it would like to invite retailers and distributors to participate in upcoming Maia promotions and campaigns by contacting Mara Epstein at (310) 962-8474 or at or Rob Walker at (323) 325-1974 or