Lovehoney Sends 3 Couples on Romantic ‘Fifty Shades’ Getaway

Ariana Rodriguez

BATH, U.K. — Lovehoney has sent three couples to their choice of European city for a “Fifty Shades of Grey”-inspired following a random drawing for participants of Lovehoney’s European Bondage Survey last year.

The winners were Gregers Ebert from Norway who took his wife to Celle, Germany, Sophie Payne from England who took her boyfriend to Paris (see picture), and Mandy Richards from England who took her husband to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Mandy and her husband Paul said that they were in disbelief when they discovered they had won a trip to a European city of their choice.

“I remember going back to the website just to check it was real. I think I am still a little shocked I won, even now,” Paul Richards said. “Edinburgh is the most beautiful city to visit leading up to Christmas, with the German street market and ice skating rinks to explore. We’ve visited many times before, but this trip was special!”

According to Mandy Richards, “The highlight of the trip was finally finding our five-star penthouse which was nestled away in the middle of the Royal Mile and opening the doors to our balcony — the view over Edinburgh was absolutely breathtaking. As the sun went down, Edinburgh changed to a glow of lights and music. It was fantastic.”

She added, “I want to thank Lovehoney for such a special Fifty Shades-inspired weekend that I will never forget.”

Lovehoney’s European Bondage Survey revealed that Britain was the most sexually liberated nation in Europe after 60 percent of respondents claimed that they had tried some form of bondage. In comparison, only a third of couples in Germany and a quarter of couples in Spain have tried it.

Other stats to arise from the survey were that three quarters of women (75 percent) and 21 percent of men across Europe have read at least one of the “Fifty Shades” books. Four out of 10 couples said that their sex lives had improved as a result of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and a quarter (26 percent) said it had made them more open to experimentation. One in eight people (12 percent) said reading the books had given them a higher sex drive.

Lovehoney's co-owner said Neal Slateford said, "’Fifty Shades’ has made the whole world lighten up about sex and particularly couples in the U.K. We used to be known for our restraint and our stiff upper lip — now this survey shows we are the most sexually liberated of Europe's major nations."

He added, "What is indisputable is that Fifty Shades of Grey has changed the whole sexual landscape right across Europe. What might have previously been considered 'kinky' or extreme has now become just a normal part of millions of couples' sexual routines. Couples are being far more open about sex and are far keener to experiment.”

Lovehoney has three Official Fifty Shades of Grey ranges: The Pleasure Collection, The Sensual Collection and the recently launched Red Room Collection, which consists of 10 leather bondage items inspired by scenes from the film.

The company worked closely with E L James to create all three lines and Lovehoney is credited in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie as official supplier of products seen in the Red Room.