Dominic Ford Launches OSX Desktop Notifications

LOS ANGELES — Dominic Ford has announced that his sites now let users stay updated with the site via OS X Desktop Notifications.

When a user goes to either or (the company's sub-site for its reality show So You Think You Can Fuck) and watches a movie or preview, he is asked whether he'd like the site to send push notifications directly to his desktop.

"As technologies evolve, we like to stay ahead of the curve," Ford said. "And reaching out to our customers via any method they prefer is paramount to us. While some people still want a newsletter emailed to them, modern browsers are getting used to 'notifications' from either iOS apps, OS X Apps, or major websites that have enabled desktop notificationsm like CNN or the New York Times."

The company, which said it is known for being on the cutting edge of new developments, claimed it is the first gay porn site to utilize this technology.

"Thousands of people come to our site each day, but a small number of those people become customers," Ford said. "Now, we are able to alert all of these casual browsers when we have a new update that gets released, which will bring them back to the site and hopefully lead to conversions."

The notifications will also be used to alert current customers when their credit cards are declined or about to expire. "There are many customer service uses for this technology, and we are experimenting with a lot of highly personalized communication ideas," Ford added.

The feature, which rolled out this week, has already attracted a large number of non-customers and customers who are opting in to get desktop notifications from Ford's sites. Ford is using the feature to promote new episodes of his reality show, "So You Think You Can Fuck," which runs until mid-June.