BMS Enterprises Receives Award for Reducing Energy Use

Ariana Rodriguez

TORONTO — Canadian distributor BMS Enterprises was recently recognized for its continuing effort in reducing its carbon footprint.

On Tuesday, April 21, BMS Enterprises was once again awarded a plaque from the President and CEO of Hydro One Brampton Paul Tremblay, declaring it an honorary 2015 Partner in Power Reduction — the first being award awarded in 2011.

The award is given to those businesses who excel in reducing their electrical demand, increasing the efficiency from the power that they do use, and for an overall contribution to a cleaner, brighter, healthier environment.

In early 2014, BMS Enterprises completely converted its entire warehouse to energy-efficient LED lighting with motion sensing technology. On top of the saved energy that already comes with LED technology, the lights are now designed to only go on when that area is in use, further cutting power consumption.

Steve Bannister, president of BMS Enterprises, said he “would like thank Mr. Paul Tremblay of Hydro One for this excellent distinction.”

BMS Enterprises is a sister company to the worldwide adult novelty manufacturer BMS Factory, and the Canadian retail chain Aren’t We Naughty.