Bianca Breeze Signs With Nexxxt Level

LOS ANGELES — Nexxxt Level Talent Agency announced it has signed performer Bianca Breeze.

Breeze entered the adult world in late 2013 and is ready to make a splash with Nexxxt Level.

The agency's co-founder Jonathan Morgan remarked, “Bianca Breeze is like a diamond in the rough and between myself and my partner Andre Madness, we plan on teaching this good performer how to be a legendary performer. It’s like we are revealing a brand new Bianca Breeze 2.0 to the porn public."

Breeze added, “Joining Nexxxt Level is like a kid winning a free trip to Disney World. Not sure if you should scream, cry, or jump for joy. But ya know you are going to the happiest place on Earth.”

Madness for his part was equally thrilled with the signing. “Bianca Breeze in my opinion is the epitome of the true cougar,” Madness said.

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