Home Sharing Website Set to Launch

Bob Johnson

SAN FRANCISCO — KinkBNB LLC is set to launch on May 1, a website community devoted to sex positive home sharing.

The operators said the site would allow anyone in any country to become a host and list their home or private space for sex positive vacations, events, and gatherings.

KinkBNB noted that its dedication to privacy between consenting adults and its growing reputation systems help guests make an intelligent choice about where to spend their romantic vacation dollars.

According go the creators, the soft launch of the website came about because one of the founder's friends had her space on a major home sharing website removed because of photos of her fully equipped sex dungeon. During that initial launch, more than 100 people signed up and immediately plans were made to improve the website into what is now in beta testing.

The launch is accompanied by a street and trade show campaign, with postcards targeting sex positive venues around San Francisco and appearances at local sex positive events such as Dore Alley and Folsom Street Fair.

“Helping people share their spaces is a great modern way to build community, far more reaching than ever before. And think of the poor underused play spaces,” marketing director Ryan Galiotto said.