Cosmo Latina Interviews Adult Starlet Nikki Delano

Ariana Rodriguez

HOLLYWOOD — An in-depth article about Latina adult performer Nikki Delano appears online on both Cosmo Latina and Cosmo.

In the article, writer Lora Somoza uncovers why being in the adult industry doesn’t change who Delano is as a fundamental person and dispels some of the misconceptions about porn. The in-depth interview covers how her family has shaped her and how they feel about her career choices, what she looks for in a man and how porn has changed how she dates, what her first scene was like and more. The piece also includes photos shot earlier this year by Richard Avery of Juliland.

The article is available here.

“Many people have an idea of who they think Nikki Delano is, but this will let people know who I really am.” Delano said. “I’m proud of what I do and I’m still Nicole. Of all the interviews I’ve done in my adult career, this is my favorite and I feel like it allows fans to see the real me and know I’m much more than just a porn star.”

“I absolutely adore Nikki,” Somoza said. “I glad she said yes to the interview and I loved how she was so candid and vulnerable. But most of all, I really respect how she lives life on her terms."