B. Skow Finds Religion in Girlfriends Films’ ‘In the Flesh’

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Director B. Skow is exploring religion through adult filmmaking, as he mixes a messianic figure with hardcore sex in Skow for Girlfriends Films’ “In the Flesh.” The pious Christian porn is available on DVD Friday from studio Girlfriends Films.

“We get to see a wise man return to Earth to tell people that they’ve been too critical and grown too ashamed of sex in the past 2,000 years… In fact, they need to have more of it to be saved!” B. Skow said. “It’s a wild idea for a movie, but I believe there’s also a lot of truth behind it — more sex could promote more peace!”

For the SFW (safe-for-work) trailer on pop-culture site BaDoink.com, click here.

“In the Flesh,” written by David Stanley, tells the story of Aman, who returns to earth after two millennia and tries to save humanity from itself by spreading the message of love and forgiveness and hot sex. He believes the root of all evil in the world is the shaming of sex. But thankfully, he is able to find some true, if not horny, adherents to his message.

The cast includes Raven Bay, Mercedes Carrera, Kassondra Raine, Daisy Haze, Kasey Warner, Alec Knight, Dick Chibbles, Seth Gamble, Michael Vegas, Karlo Karrera, and Steven St. Croix.

Cast member and adult industry newcomer Kassondra Raine said, “I loved the plot of this story! It was really exciting and refreshing to work on a film that had some real depth to it.”

“The concept that Jesus wants people to stop feeling so guilty and ashamed of their sexuality really resonated with me,” added Raine. “That’s something I personally seek to promote, and part of why I ended up appearing in adult films in the first place. I loved taking part in a film that came out and expressed this exact message, and in such a lighthearted, comical way.”

“In the Flesh” is available to own on DVD Friday, April 10. To view the box art, click here.

“This movie from B. Skow is different than anything in adult entertainment that has come before, as he pushes the envelope even further,” said Girlfriends Films President Moose. “His movies for us have been very well received, and it shows that fans are responding in a very positive and powerful way.”