SCORE Unveils 'Mia Khalifa' Showcase

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Pure Play Media and SCORE Studio have announced the release of "Mia Khalifa," a title featuring the Lebanese star in her first XXX scenes.

“Mia Khalifa featuring the infamous starlet’s first-ever XXX scenes is finally available for the masses!” Pure Play Media Sales Representative Hyland said. “Thank SCORE Studio for plucking this amazing talent up from obscurity, and call us today to stock up on this essential title.”

Once upon a time, she was the busty girl who worked at the local hamburger joint. Then SCORE discovered her, and now 21-year-old Khalifa is internationally known for her Lebanese heritage, her love of Florida State football, and porn.

SCORE Studio movies are available exclusively in the U.S. through Pure Play Media.