Staxus’ ‘Raw Response’ Includes New Exclusive Erik Franke

Rhett Pardon

AMSTERDAM — Staxus today released "Raw Response,” another title created for its “RAW” line.

The bareback movie by director John Smith taps into the fantasy  of roleplaying and uniforms, contains four scenes and runs for nearly 100 minutes.

The cast includes Sam Williams, Yuri Adamov, Tim Law and Sven Laarson, but the movie also introduces a few new faces, including Harry Vakker, Nathan Dale and new Staxus exclusive Erik Franke.

There are two hardcore duos and two threesomes in the video, that includes “deep-throat cock sucking, raw anal sex, penetration with nightsticks and different forms of cum play,” a Staxus publicist said

Customers can order their copy at or, while retailers can place their orders at