Adult Star Ryan Conner Releases Pop Single, Music Video

Ariana Rodriguez

LAS VEGAS — Ex-adult performer Ryan Conner has completed work on a mainstream music project, with the release of her new pop single, "Control."

Conner, who performed in hardcore movies between 1999 and 2005, branched into music in 2011. After releasing two singles under her legal name, Deborah Nos, she teamed up with music producer Steve Wetherbee. That collaboration has yielded an album's worth of material.

The electronic pop track "Control" is the first single from her debut album, "Bad Apple."

"I have only released 'Control' so far," Conner said, "but I think I'll be releasing the next single, ‘The Rabbit Hole.’ in May. The full album will be available in September."

Conner revealed that the lyrics to "Control" concern "a woman that says she wants to experiment with another woman but then backs out of it, in the style of a cock tease."

"Control" by Ryan Conner is available on iTunes.comGoogle Play and Amazon, and the music video appears on YouTube.

The song's stylish, kink-themed video features the voluptuous artist alongside her daughter, up and coming adult starlet Dylan Phoenix, as well as Mike Greenfield from the band Smother Theresa. Directed by Conner, "Control" was filmed by Blare Media on an Epic RED hi-def camera at Las Vegas' Faust dungeon, with Shibari/Kinbaku rope work done by Sir Lars from San Diego.

?"Obviously I've shot a lot," Conner smiled, "but it's a little different working with music and also directing. It was a fun learning experience!"

Conner describes the album as "mostly pop with rock influences. There's even some Arabic influence in a couple of songs on the album."

Conner penned all the lyrics for the album. "I had an idea for an album centered on my journey into and through porn, and so that was my 'concept.’ I started off with the lyrics for ‘Bad Apple.’ That was probably the hardest song to complete because I had it recorded with another producer, but I wasn't satisfied with the way it sounded."?

According to Conner, her songs about her journey into porn do not reflect any regret over her career in adult entertainment: "Let me first say this: I never retired! I just got busy and forgot to shoot. Sounds corny but it's the truth.

"I loved the adult industry. It was the right thing for me. I am neither conflicted about my time in porn nor do I have a disparaging thing to say about the industry. It was the best time for me. And quite honestly I might make a comeback! Right now I am intensely enjoying making music so it would be very hard to decide which to choose. Trying to do both might be a little too distracting, even for an Aquarian like me, but we'll see. The closing credits aren't rolling yet so I'd like to believe I have time."

Conner is currently working on her follow-up album. "It's in the writing phase now and we'll probably begin recording towards the end of the year," she said.

To purchase Ryan Conner's "Control" single for $0.99, visit iTunes.comGoogle Play or Amazon.