Bonnie Rotten Retains Ownership in Directing Deal With Elegant Angel

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Bonnie Rotten and Elegant Angel recently announced a deal that has her directing for the company and now both parties are reporting that the details are unprecedented for the company.

Not only will Rotten be directing product that will be distributed by Elegant Angel, she will also retain ownership of her product. Earlier this year it was announced that Elegant had entered a “lifetime distribution deal” with Exquisite Multimedia.

Founded by Patrick Collins in 1990, Elegant Angel has launched several careers and been the home of some of the top video series in adult, including "Squirtwoman." The title "Bonnie Rotten Is Squirtwoman" came out last year.

“In the long, storied, award-winning history Elegant Angel and Patrick Collins never let anyone own their own product at Elegant,” Exquisite president Jerry E. said. “But true to Bonnie's style, she broke the mold and was able to do it. Not only will she be directing for Elegant, she will own her own line to be distributed by the award-winning studio.

"Bonnie is the best performer in the biz and that drive and skill has translated to being a great director. She knows what she wants and how to get it out of her fellow performers. We are lucky and thrilled to have her on the team. Elegant Angel is growing like never before and signing Bonnie is just the first of many major moves and announcements to come."

Rotten's first title with Elegant, "Ink’D Squirt," was released last week.