pjur, Peekay Partner for Retail Promotions

Ariana Rodriguez

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — In March, Pjur partnered with Peekay stores for a promotion in conjunction with Jimmyjane.

According to the company, Peekay reported strong sales resulted from the promotion. Pjur credits Peekay stores’ attention to detail for their success.

“The employees at the famous retailers understand the quality and benefits of our products,” said Richie Harris CEO of pjur USA, the North American partner of the Luxembourg-based brand.

Peekay stores have been partnered with pjur for more than 18 years.

“Both companies are well matched in their core values bringing the utmost in quality, body safe products and service to the customer,” the company said. “pjur is positioned for huge growth with Peekay as they build their growth plan and open stores across the USA.”