Icon Male Releases 'Brothers' on DVD

MONTREAL — Gay studio Icon Male has released “Brothers” on DVD.

The Nica Noelle-directed drama stars Colton Grey and Connor Maguire.

Also featured in the film is contract star Wolf Hudson, along with Theo Ford, Alex Greene and JD Phoenix. Rob Yaeger appears in a non-sex role.

“I wrote the script with Connor and Colton in mind, because they're so different yet each of them have that smoldering sex appeal of a young man in his sexual prime,” Noelle said.

She added, “Connor plays the more self-assured, extroverted brother, who plays sports and has a big group of friends, while Colton is an introverted, sulky loner. The chemistry between them is intense, especially in the final scene where Colton challenges Connor physically. Obviously, Connor takes him up on the challenge and the result is an incredible sex scene that I'm sure our fans will want to watch more than once.”

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