Nikki Phoenix Features in West Palm Beach; EDM Song Gets Radio Play

LOS ANGELES — Nikki Phoenix on Friday appeared as a guest on WBGF-FM, 93.5 The Bar in West Palm Beach, Fla., which played her new EDM song "Ballroom Zombies Apocalypse Remix."

The song with musical partner JackEL has received more than 10,000 plays on her Soundcloud account.

Phoenix, the EDM artist, aerialist and model, did the "Roach Motel Radio show" with Program Director Jason "Roach" Hines and DJ Spanish.  

Hines, who has spent 15 years in radio, remarked, "It's an absolute pleasure to have Nikki appear on the show and a privilege to give away a date with her to one of our lucky listeners.

“Not only did we get to have a feature entertainer and well-known personality in Nikki Phoenix, but she is our first EDM artist on the show. We got to spend some time talking about her music, her album release party this January at Revolution Lounge, and we were able to play her song as well!"

In addition, the radio station received autographed copies of her Vang Comp Systems collectors calendar to give away, featuring monthly pictures of Phoenix and Whitney Dalynn along with custom tuned and hand-built Vang Comp Systems firearms.

On Wednesday, Phoenix did "The Dating Game," hosted by T's Ultra Lounge during a live broadcast at the club. It featured three contestants that had to answer dating questions in order to win a Date with Phoenix at Ceviche Arigato. The winner, Jorge Avina, an engineer, spent the evening dining with Phoenix before heading back to the club to enjoy more entertainment.

This week also was Phoenix's first-ever feature dance booking at T's Ultra Lounge in West Palm Beach. 

"We were so happy to get Nikki for her first ever feature dance engagement,” said George Donzella, GM for T's Ultra Lounge. "She's exactly what we look for in a feature; beauty, originality, and lots of production value with her shows. It is also a real plus for the club and her radio appearances, that she brought such a large mainstream market with her because of her music career and she is part of the many great changes we are looking forward to over the course of the next few months!"

"It was so great to have Nikki featuring this week," added Stacy Saccal, manager for T's Ultra Lounge, "Her shows have been entertaining, unique, and have been chocked full of ideas that really get the crowd going. She has been a breath of fresh air here and I particularly loved her 'Fuck Truck' show, which was also a crowd favorite, and I was elated to see that the Dating Game went over so well with 93.5 The Bar listeners too."

In addition, Phoenix also celebrated another nomination, this one for XRCO's Mainstream Media Darling. The nomination represents the industry's recognition of her work in both mainstream and adult markets.

"I was so thrilled to receive this nomination from XRCO," Phoenix said. "I'm so flattered that the industry and in particular XRCO has made a point to notice all of the mainstream work I have done in addition to my adult work, which includes my website, my magazine appearances and the DVD distribution deal we have worked so hard to achieve this year!"