Mr. Checkout Distributors Brings Tenga's Pocket to U.S. Stores

Ariana Rodriguez

ORLANDO — Tenga Co., LTD, is working with Mr. Checkout Distributors, LLC, to bring the Tenga Pocket to 500 California stores.   

"We're very pleased to be bringing Tenga to a whole new segment of retail," says Joel Goldstein, president of Mr. Checkout Distributors. "Tenga's products are revolutionary and award-winning, and we're excited to represent them to over 40,000+ independent retail stores around the country."??

Established in 2005, the Tokyo-based Tenga is known for its stylish, modern designs, and the company's efforts to combat the negative stigma surrounding adult products.  The company's name, coming from classical Japanese, means "righteously arranged and elegant."

 The Pocket is available in three textures (Block Edge, Click Ball and Wave Line). Mr. Checkout Distributors will be placing the Pocket on the shelves of 500 independent convenience stores.

"We're testing out the waters in small retailers with this kind of product," says Goldstein.  "If consumers respond positively, this could be a first step in establishing wider distribution for previously niche products like the Pocket Tenga."??

Founded in 1989, Mr. Checkout Distributors is a group of independent distributors providing service to approximately 35,000 convenience and full-line grocery stores nationwide.  With more than 1,000 wholesalers and distributors in its network, Mr. Checkout's logistical expertise has launched a variety of products across a variety of categories, including 5 Hour Energy and Blu E-Cigarettes. Tenga's Pocket For Men will be available in select California locations April 2015, with tentative plans for expansion following a successful launch.