Kota Sky Debuts New Column for XCritic

VENICE, Calif. — Starlet Kota Sky has debuted a new monthly column for XCritic and a new interview with AdultDVDTalk.

“As most of my fans who follow me on my Twitter, you guys all know I have a tendency to talk, talk and talk and never shut up,” Sky said in her first column.

She continued, “Some would say it’s a negative thing, I would say it helps me stay humble, get to know my fans and you guys get to know me. I have recently also taken up blogging/and or writing for myself and no on else usually sees it... But I can say when I got contacted about having a blog on XCritic, lets just say I had no doubt I would dedicate my time out of my day even if I had to write blogs and blogs in advance, as well as have my ‘get in the mood music’ on and it may or may not be Taylor Swift but either way we all don’t judge here....”

 “Kota Skye is one of the most dynamic and exciting performer we've seen in years,” XCritic's Chris Thorne said. “She's got a lot to say and so we're extremely excited to have her on board contributing to XCritic.”