MetArt Files Infringement Suits Targeting 17 Adult Tube Sites

Rhett Pardon

PHOENIX — The MetArt Network has filed 10 copyright infringement lawsuits targeting 17 adult tube sites in the past month.  

The 10 suits, filed at federal courts in Phoenix and Seattle, each claim that the operators’ websites are streaming MetArt content without permission. 

Those websites fingered by MetArt as alleged infringers include,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Just today, a federal judge granted MetArt to serve subpoenas to obtain the identities in a suit against  

In many infringement cases involving adult tube sites, plaintiffs have a tough time ascertaining the identities because the John Does hide behind private Whois registrations.

MetArt had asked the courts for subpoenas against Enom, Whoisguard, CloudFlare and other service providers so it can identify those responsible.

Each of the site owners are accused of various copyright and trademark violations, as well as unfair competition.

MetArt hopes to recoup damages that can run into the millions of dollars in the 10 cases.

It is seeking $150,000 for each of its movies that have been infringed upon. Some of the movies allegedly infringed on include “Kamasutra,” “Spanglish,” “Wild Girl II,” and “Cybersex.”

MetArt, based in Cyprus, also is asking the court to transfer the sites’ domain names to stop future infringements.

According to MetArt, each of the adult tube sites hide behind the DMCA while profiting from the illegal videos that they host.

“The DMCA safe-harbor provisions have been systematically abused by Internet copyright infringers in an attempt to garner protection for pirate websites displaying copyrighted adult entertainment content without license or authority for free viewing to the public,” one of the complaints said.

“Under a veneer of DMCA compliance, the owners and operators attempt to hide behind the safe harbor provisions while monetizing the website through premium membership programs and substantial advertising contracts.”

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