Offers ‘Vouchers 4 Votes’ Promo

Stephen Yagielowicz

LONDON — Online wish list service provider is offering fans a chance to show their devotion by voting for their favorite adult performers in its new “Vouchers 4 Votes” promotion.

According to the company, the accrued fan votes allows the performers and models (who must be members of DeliveryCode) a chance to splurge on themselves with free wish list gift vouchers.

“We wanted to give fans the opportunity to support their favorite model in a fun, new promotion,” said DeliveryCode’s Retail Director Sarah Stokely. “The fans get to vote for the adult stars they like the most, which can result in a DeliveryCode gift voucher, allowing performers to purchase gifts off their own wish lists.”

The Vouchers 4 Votes promotion, now underway, allows fans to vote for a model only once since the voting system blocks any additional votes from the same IP address. However, fans may vote for as many models as they desire. No registration or purchase is required in order to participate.

“Under the rules, for every 10 votes a model receives, he or she earns a $1 DeliveryCode gift voucher; thus the more votes the model gets, the more gift vouchers he or she accumulates, allowing them to make purchases for items off their own wish list,” Stokely says. “To further make things easier, the all-new DeliveryCode app offers users a state-of-the-art, luxury gifting-app allowing adult stars and other celebrities to interact with fans without breeching privacy concerns or revealing delivery locations.”

Since its launch at the beginning of February, has reportedly become the home of more than 400 celebrity wish lists, with more than half of them belonging to adult industry performers.

The DeliveryCode app is available as a free download from iTunes, and an introductory video is available on YouTube, providing a handy overview of the service.

DeliveryCode is a privacy-protecting platform connecting fans with celebrities through curated wish lists from high-end boutiques and brands. Anyone may create a DeliveryCode Wish List, adding wanted items from any online retail site. In the case of celebrity wish lists, fans may purchase items directly from the celebrity’s list without ever obtaining access to their personal information. Shipping addresses are never shared on DeliveryCode, so they remain private.

App users may easily register via the application or website, creating customizable profiles by adding a short bio and photo, and then filling in a size guide. Customers can then visit shopping sites and add the products they want from those sites.

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