Eropartner to Open New Distro Plant in July

Ariana Rodriguez

THE NETHERLANDS — On March 5, Eropartner founders Sjerk Wieffering and Chris Bakker, along with other company staff, celebrated the construction of its new building with a ceremony.

According to the company, the longest serving staff member, warehouse manager Justyna Szarvasi was given the honors of placing the building’s first pole into the ground.

“With more space available, we be able to stock even more innovative and high quality products from all over the world whilst still ensuring same day shipping,” Szarvasi said.

Eropartner’s new distribution headquarters will boast a total warehouse capacity area of approximately 2,500m² and a spacious office floor of more than 500m².

“Since its arrival 10 years ago, Eropartner Distribution has continued to grow steadily with positive and profitable results each year,” Eropartner says. “The company is confident this upward trend will continue so much so that they even have additional ground space next to the new build available for that inevitable future expansion.”

The building is scheduled for completion in July. The new premises will enable Eropartner Distribution to accommodate both new and existing customers.

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