PornTeam Signs YouLoveJack to Distro Deal

SAN FRANCISCO — PornTeam has inked a distribution deal with Toronto-based

Founded in 2006, the website showcases fit young men in mostly solo scenes. The concept behind the production style has amateur men shooting their own scenes in a professional setting with quality lighting and equipment.

PornTeam President and CEO, Christopher Kren, has been courting the company for more than a year.

“All of us here at PornTeam have admired their work for many years,” he said. “I've basically been stalking them to get a deal going. I've popped up in their kitchens, I've followed them to the grocery store and even once knocked out an umpire and stole his clothes to get close to them at their annual softball game. They were worth the wait and I'm proud to have them in our lineup of incredible and talented studios.”

YouLoveJack spokesperson Karl Edwards says the studio is equally enthusiastic about working with PornTeam. “Our studio content is based on professional amateurism and we do well with that on our site,” he said. “Looking at PornTeam, we see nothing but professional amateurism from the ground up and thought, 'why not?'. It's not like they can put us out of business.”

YouLoveJack's typical productions take the distractions out of watching porn for the viewer to enjoy the men for who they are, according to Porn Team. Nondescript backgrounds, a zero-clutter policy, and eye-pleasing settings work together to pull focus to the men, the company added. The men also typically wear shirts to keep focus on other body parts.

YouLoveJack's first title with PornTeam is entitled “YouLoveJack Volume 1: Handy Work."

Retailers and independent distributors can contact Michael Greig at PornTeam 888.999.2450.