Game Studio 'Joy Toilet' Shuts Doors

NEW YORK — Joy-Toilet Collectives, the studio behind game TripleXTycoon, announced that is has been disbanded due to lack of funds.

The game itself, however, is still in development and is currently being funded by a group of the company's founders.

Lead developer Christon "Doop" LeJohn said, "There was nothing left for me to do after all, the code was done. But there wasn’t much left to show for the game with no one assigned to art."

The company is re-inventing itself in order to remain viable until the game's completion.

LeJohn added, "Fast-forward, we’ve overhauled the whole damn site so it can serve it’s original purpose. And we have decided to continue developing TXT, although at our pace. As of now the new internal development team consists of myself and a contractor. For those who supported the project prior to all of this, thank you so much."