Tia Cyrus Scores March 'O Model of the Month'

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. —  Latina stralet Tia Cyrus has scored O Model of the Month honors for the month of March.

Her photos — shot by photographer Richard Avery of Juliland.com — are posted to BlogoPorno.com. Cyrus also did an in-depth interview which also appears on the site. Each week, a new exclusive set of photos will be posted.

“I was so excited to work with Richard — his photos are amazing,” Cyrus said. “I was glad I waited until I got my boobs done so I got even more glamorous pictures that I ever dreamed of. Because Richard takes the time to get to know his models, you get to see the real me and a side of me you’ve probably never seen before.”

BlogoPorno.com was created by Cyrano Jonze in 2007 and is part of the Juliland Universe of sites.