Madzuma Offering to Affiliates

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — The newly launched Madzuma affiliate network is offering website to its partners.

The site is available for PPL (pay per lead) single or double opt In, and PPS (pay per sale) payout programs.

Founder Alfonsus “AK” Kusuma said the network has been pushing the site since the beginning and its success led the company to offer this to its private group of affiliates.

“This type of dating niche is still very strong in conversion. I have years of experience as an advertiser and naturally, you start with something you are most familiar with ” AK said.

Madzuma said it is relying on its deep connections with the advertisers in this dating vertical. And AK said he is working closely with his advertisers to make sure that the quality of traffic exceeds their expectations.

“I know what is expected from advertisers as well as what affiliates are expecting, my job is to find the balance between the two sides and make it profitable for everyone," AK added.

The company noted that its is already working on a few other deals to be announced soon.

Email for more information on the program.