Xnxx.com Claims XnxxFree.net Is Cybersquatting

Rhett Pardon

LAS VEGAS — The company behind the adult tube sites Xnxx.com and XVideos.com has filed another cybersquatting claim at WIPO.

On Thursday, Xnxx.com’s parent company filed a UDRP case against the operators of XnxxFree.net, which apparently has been offering standard adult tube site fare since last year.

Xnxx.com’s parent, Czechoslovakia-based NKL Associates S.R.O., has asked a WIPO arbitration panel to rule that XnxxFree.net’s operators registered the domain in bad faith.

NKL Associates has held a trademark for "Xnxx" in conjunction with online adult entertainment since 2013.

In the past two years, XVideos.com and Xnxx.com has filed scores of cases against copycat adult tube sites.

In nearly all of the cases, its parent operator has succeeded before WIPO arbitrators, later benefiting by taking over and re-branding the transferred sites.